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The first thing when looking for cleaning chemicals should be quality, the second…price. The only way you’ll really know the difference in quality is to try us with totally no obligations or strings attached – and completely at our expense.
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Over the years it all adds up. When you buy from Venture Chemicals you buy direct from the manufacturer, so you’ll know our prices will be the best you’ll ever find.

Over 40+ Years of Experience

We have had the time and opportunity to perfect all of our cleaning products down to the drop so our chemicals can produce the highest results for you.

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You will never find us unprepared! We keep our warehouse stocked, so we can offer you same or next day delivery with no worries.

State of the Art Chemical Dispensing Equipment

To decrease your chemical usage while producing stellar results, you need to have proper systems set up from day one. Venture Chemicals sets up special, dispensing equipment that to mixes the perfect amount of water and cleaning chemicals to constantly and consistently crank out the only very best results for your facility.

Your Dedicated Customer Service Manager

When you become one of Venture Chemicals high valued clients, we look after you from day one. Your very own service manager evaluates your facility for maximum results with minimum expense.

Your service manager will recommend specific dispensing set ups and help you choose the right types of cleaning agents tailored to your needs. With our personal monthly check ups, we ensure that everything is in tiptop condition.

Order Online Quickly and Easily 24 Hours, 7 Days

Order online via your smart phone, tablet or desktop before 12 PM Monday – Friday and we guarantee next business day delivery if you’re in Sydney. If you’re outside the surrounding area or in another state you’ll get it within 2 days guaranteed. Once you become a high value client of ours, all your order histories are logged and you can have orders quickly and easily completed within seconds.

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Your 3 Point 100% Risk Free Guarantee

We know you’ll absolutely love our our product’s, prices and service. We’re putting all the risk on us.

Guarantee 1


If for any reason you find our products don’t live up to your expectations, contact us immediately, we’ll promptly arrange our shipping company to pick the products, and we’ll gladly reimburse you for the total cost of the products (Note: We’ve never had an unhappy client send back their stock)

Guarantee 2


You’ll be astounded how competitive we are with prices. If you ever find or come across the same quality product at a lower price, we’ll be very surprised… Even so, let us know immediately, and we’ll not only match it, we’ll beat it by ten percent. This way you’ll be rest assured you’re truly getting looked after on your cleaning chemical costs.

Guarantee 3


With 40 + years in the game this is where our old fashion morals really come in to play. The type of service you’ll experience will be second to none. Do you know the saying…Under promise…Over deliver? Well we wouldn’t be able to survive for 40+ years if we gave poor customer service.

If for any reason you’re truly unhappy with the quality our service team delivers, contact our General Manager – Gaven, and just one of sincere apologies we’ll express, will be fifty percent off your next order to let you know how much we value you as a long-term, loyal client of ours. (Note: We’ve also never had an unhappy client with the level of our service, that’s why we can offer this third guarantee).

How Would You Like To Save Ten, Twenty, Or Even Fifty Percent Off Your Current Cleaning Chemicals ?

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On average, seven out of ten clients that come on board with us, we find their current set up isn’t running efficiently as it should be (sometimes there is no set up!), combine that with mediocre results by using watered down, cheap, nasty chemicals is just frustrating for you and your staff, you’ll be working twice as hard getting half the results.

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They ended up implementing our recommendations, resulting in saving $3,457.87 off their chemical cost within 5 months.

(Note: Because of the demand for this type of free service we offer, we only have a limited amount of evaluations we can fit in each month due to travel and time spent on each facility.

With that said…

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