About Us


43 years of continuous research and development puts us years ahead.

At Venture Chemicals we pride ourselves in servicing our customers needs with great products that work, comply with everchanging rules, and employee safety and training at a very good price.

An Australian owned and operated company, Venture Chemicals have been manufacturing and supplying quality cleaning compounds to the Hospitality, Catering, Laundry and allied industries for over 43 years, enjoying excellent market acceptance and expansion.

We introduce new products and updated chemical formulations for our products as needed in order to respond to fluctuating environmental conditions and changing customer requirements.

We have invested heavily in management systems to ensure all legislatively required information for the safe storage and handling of chemical-based products, including SDS, product labels, risk assessments and dangerous goods documentation.

Training is an integral part of our service and we are committed to ensuring all users have an adequate level of training in the correct and safe use of all products.

We have a high level of expertise in the wide range of different dispensing systems available and can consult you on the best system for your venue.

With our systems in place there’s no guesswork, no spillage, and no need to worry about you and your staffs health and safety when you use Venture Chemicals.

And when you run low on supplies?

Venture Chemicals is there for you at the click of a button.

We have all the cleaning supplies you’ll need to keep your business running with our stocked and ready warehouse.

Once you become a valued customer of ours, you’ll have access to an easy online ordering system that makes it super simple for you to get your cleaning chemicals delivered straight to your doorstep. This saves you time and keeps everything in one place for your future orders at a touch of a button.