Pool Magic Multifunction Tablets

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250g Trichloroisocyanuric acid tablet with Algaecide & Clarifier

Minimum available chlorine is 900g/Kg, 7.5g/Kg present as Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate
75mm in Diameter
Inbuilt clarifier
Contains Isocyanuric Acid (stabiliser)
Low pH

Strong chlorine for efficient sanitation
Large surface area for effective dosing
Inbuilt algaecide frees up chlorine to fight bacteria
Inbuilt clarifier aids filtering impurities
Reduces demand for stabiliser
Lowers pH for more efficient chlorine action
No requirement for daily dosing
Ideal vacation treatment
One tablet does it all

One tablet per 20,000L placed in a floating dispenser
Dosage rates indicated are only a guide – refer to directions for use

Size Available: 2 Kg / 1.5Kg Floater
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