Portable Foamers


Pump Up Foaming Dispenser The 900-2PU Portable Foamers: pump-up foamer technology provides spot cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional markets. Patented dual tube technology draws the chemical and air from the tank into separate tubes creating thick foam when mixed at the trigger-operated foam wand. Flow in the air tube is controlled by a needle valve giving an operator the ability to control foam consistency.

Model 289 Pro Foam Portable Foamers: foamer and sprayer attaches to the end of any garden hose and produces a foam when the aerating wand is attached and sprays when the wand is removed. Quick-disconnect allows spray gun to be easily removed from dispenser for clear water rinse. Ideal applications include supermarkets, food service areas, and shower rooms where portability is required. Unit includes a 32 ounce bottle and spray gun with quick disconnect fittings.


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Foaming Sanitiser