Saraya Toilet Seat Sanitiser Cartridge 450ml

SKU: SAR3613

An effective and economical toilet seat sanitising cleaner solution. Australian made 70% alcohol solution with no fragrance. Simply spray onto the paper, wipe seat and other contact points (flush buttons, handles and locks) and dispose of paper into toilet.
Dispensed as an atomised spray ensure good paper coverage to help the user “wet” surfaces ensures effectiveness. The quick drying formula that helps prevent cross contamination and shows your customers and staff you care about their wellbeing.

• 70% alcohol solution – cleans and sanitises quickly and effectively.
• Compatible with the Saraya SC-460 refillable dispenser.
• Easy to use, peace of mind and economical.

Colour : Clear
Volume : 450mL
Product code : 3613
Units per carton : 6
Carton Weight : 3kg







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